Recovering in progress…

After a period of ‘radio-silence’, I thought it was about time for a small update about my recovery. Let’s start with some good news. I am walking on two legs again and I’m riding on two wheels (yes, without side-wheels). My crutches, brace and cast are stored as far away as possible, with the hope that I won’t ever see them again. Even my tan-lines are coming back, which means I’m on the good track!

First of all I want to thank everyone and the team for their support and nice reactions after my Colorado 1.0 debacle. It makes the suffer a bit less painful. After I had received a disappointed result from the MRI, I decided to take two weeks completely off the cycling life. Just meeting with friends and family, reading books, watching a lot of Netflix and laying on the couch. I went back to my student diet by eating some Jumbo Apple Pie (my favorite), Dominos Pizza, Chinese food and some Westmalles. I took some time away from the world of cycling, didn’t watch any races and ignored the cycling related Twitter accounts to just take some distance and get over my disappointment. After two weeks of ignorance I could watch the final weekend of the Giro again. Then I knew the hunger was back!

After two weeks of doing nothing I visited the physiotherapist where I tried to ride on a spinning bike and did some exercises with both my left and right leg. Actually, I was surprised with how much I could already do. The physio recommended me to train as much as possible within the margins of pain. The next day I took my Bianchi and felt free again! 
Although I was maybe riding with 20k/hr, it felt good to ride on two wheels again in stead of walking with crutches. My meniscus, the part in the knee I was the most worried about, wasn’t feeling that bad and my knee wasn’t blocking. With this being fine, I knew I was on the right track. After I had slowly increasing the training load, I went to the orthopedic for another check up. Where he thought that I would still be walking with crutches, he was surprised I was riding my already. At least it looks like I have some talent for recovering, he said. After checking my knee he gave me the green light to keep on going like this. 

The last couple of weeks I’m feeling really good on the bike. The pain in my tibia plateau (the front of my knee) is almost gone. My Pioneer tells me that my pedaling balance is improving day by day  and that it’s almost back to normal again. Only accelerating out of a corner or sprinting isn’t possible yet. The pain in my fibula has completely disappeared. Where my coach and me first thought that it would be difficult to make it on time for the altitude camp in Kuhta ï, I think that won’t be an issue anymore. This week I have trained in the Ardennes to check how my knee is reacting on small climbs. After having no reacting at all, I decided to head back to Girona to start training in the real mountains. My goal is to make it back in the bunch before the American races, Tour of Utah and Tour of Colorado. So let’s make Colorado 2.0 a good one!


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