A new look!

While I was checking my old blog (on Blogspot), I thought it was about time to start creating something myself. A new lay-out, a fresh look and something which looks a little more inviting than the (I’m sorry Blogspot) non-inspiring page of Blogspot. So here it is, my new blog which I will keep updated with stories about racing, traveling and other relevant stuff. Let me know when there’s something which should be improved or when you would like to know something. You can easily send me an email by using the the comments below section or the contact page.

By this occasion I will give you a small update about what is currently going on. After I have lived for almost three weeks on altitude in Font-Romeu, I traveled last Monday to the Netherlands for a short period at home. I will use this week to get fully rested, before starting my final training period towards Basque Country. Since this is one of my favourite races, I cannot wait to start racing there. After Basque, I will travel towards the United States for an altitude camp in Boulder with Todd and Debb in preperation of the Tour of California. A nice period of racing and training is coming up!

Physically I am feeling good, had a good period of training and I can feel the effect of living three weeks on altitude. I hope my left leg (which is causing problems sometimes since my crash last year) will stay fine and I am doing currently whatever I can to get it as good as possible. Let’s see what the coming period will bring!

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